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Loke Foil 2022 Slalom/PWA Bundle

It contains:
UHM Mast 100cm
750 HM frontwing
590 HM frontwing
400 HM frontwing
240 HM rearwing
190 HM rearwing
110 Fuselage
100 Fuselage
95 Fuselage

+ selfmade wingcovers
+ tools for front- and rearwing
+ screwbox (not as many screws like shown in the picture but multiple spare screws & parts in every size!)
+ starboard foilbag
+ notes about each of my setups

The foil is relatively powerful which makes it easier to gybe than comparable slalom foils. This made it super easy for me to change from my first Starboard foil to this set last year. It is definitely a "race ready" foil with good wind range on each wing. Unfortunately the mast has some spots which I fixed/sanded myself and kept using it since then

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